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About Me

Hello! I'm Christina and I have a passion for making art. I created to function as sort of an artist's journal. I have a primary website called Christina M. Anderson | Fine Art (visit ) where you can view works of mine that are more comprehensive, but my aim for this site is to post work as I create it without worrying about making pieces in a series that have any relation to one another. My subject matter and mediums may vary.

I have a day job that I like, and in my free time I create things and explore different interests.

I have a bachelors degree; I majored in studio art with a focus in ceramics and metal smithing. After college I turned to painting.

I love family, friends, nature, playing guitar, yoga, spirituality, healthy food, music, art, science, beauty, gardening, writing, photography and learning new things.

I am excited to see how this site will evolve. I love the freedom of having my own home on the internet to share to my heart's content.

My hope is that you will enjoy this site and get good energy from it.



Christina is native to the Twin Cities and currently lives and works in Minneapolis.
She earned a Bachelor of Science in Studio Art from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York.

Christina has worked with a variety of mediums including, clay, metal, wood and wax.
She also enjoys photography and often uses her photos as references for her paintings. She is currently focused on painting two dimensional surfaces.

Christina's philosophy on art is an open view that embraces all forms of creativity and expression.
She is intrigued by metaphors, abstract ideas, human behavior and spirituality. Vibrant color and images from the natural world are recurring motifs in her work.

You may find her roaming through local parks and neighborhoods looking for inspiration for her artwork.

Artist's Statement:

My hope is that my artwork will bring the viewer to a universal place, a place of serenity based in reality. I want my artwork to remind people of what is good and real, what is attainable. I want to take them to a spiritual place where they can confirm or reevaluate what is important and essential to them. I want to evoke peaceful, sustainable inspiration. I consider my work to be an expression of the exploration of myself and my position and responsibility in the world as a creative being.

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1/7/19 I have made a goal to launch an ecommerce site at some point this year. Small scale paintings perfect for any space.

1/7/19 It's a dreary day, but I'm feeling motivated anyway.

7/2/18 Getting organized this morning. It's a beautiful day.

5/10/18 Art 4 Shelter was an exciting event! So happy that my pieces sold for a great cause!

4/11/18 Loving the morning sun today.


5/9/18 Art 4 Shelter

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 Minneapolis Institute of Art The Art 4 Shelter benefit for Simpson Housing Services is an exhibit and sale of original artworks on paper by emerging and established artists. Featuring over 1000 original works of art on paper 5″ x 7″ works – $35 each | 8″ x 10″ works – $90 each Benefit Sale Preview: 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Art Sale: 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Artwork will be refreshed throughout the evening.

Project 2019

I'm working on little paintings, perfect for any space!

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Project 2018

Art for shelter was a success! All but one of my paintings sold.

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